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The following websites have been produced ...

Farmers by Choice

This was a description of things learnt during a trip to Luke and Marinas permaculture farm organised by the Flametree food coop in Thirroul.  I used Rise in Storyline 360, a package for online course production.

Farmers by Choice


Perpetual Trustees have a superannuation service called Supersmart where investors can log in as members and determine their investment strategies on-line.  I designed and project managed the website to it's first delivery.

supersmart website

Stuart Davis - Singup

Worked with Stuart to produce the original site as a web brochure for his services as singing tutor and performer, a singing workshop co-ordinator and music arranger.  It was designed to give his services and his music arrangements a world wide presence. He subsequently remade it after it served for several years.

stuart davis - singup site


Designed to "activate" thought on pressing comtemporary issues and show what's being done about them and by who.  The site was designed in collaboration and built to go on to win awards.

the ACTIVATE website

Chris Warr

This site was done by Chris, a great creative designer.  It demonstrates some of his abilities.

chris warr website

Mark's Tribute

A tribute to my friend Mark, the artist, poet and musician.

mark s leabeater site


This is a business website was designed and built for Warrior Contracting.

warrior contracting website

Warrior b

This is another version of a sample business site

warrior contracting website : version 2

Web Resume

a sample of a personal resume as in web format

a website resume

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